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20 days of Lebanon Water Festival

BEIRUT |, with agencies - September 25, 2012, 09h48
On the 27th of September 2012 opens the first edition of the Lebanon Water Festival expanding from Tyr, Dbayeh, Kaslik/Jounieh, Batroun and ending in Beirut, all along the Lebanese costal line.
This new initiative for Lebanon is under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism Mr Fadi Aboud in an effort to grow water leisure sport in Lebanon, in order to attract more international water fans to Lebanon. The strong support from the Minister of Information, Mr Walid Daouk, and the Ministry of Environment, portrays the dedication in creating a unifying event for our country.

Starting at 9 am in Tyr, on the 27th and 28th of September with the International Underwater Photography Competition. International divers and Lebanese divers will have a unique opportunity to picture our underwater ancient Phoenician city. The competition is organized by the Arab Diving and Rescue Federation Presided by Mr Simon Khoury, the Lebanese Diving and Rescue Federation, Presided by Mr Eli Saad, and the collaboration with the CMAS (World Diving Federation).

The Municipality of Tyr, under the governance of Hassan Dbouk, have dressed up the city in a very festive manner welcoming all participants and spectators. Mr Hassan still remembers the Water Ski Show that took place in 1964 where he witnessed Mr Simon Khoury, (World Water Ski Champion) , perform in Tyr and he said : “ I want to create the same dream today for Tyr and for Lebanon! Till this day I have not forgot him or how I felt watching him roar in the sea!”

On the 29th and 30th of September, at 9 am. In l’ATCL Kaslik/ Jounieh, the young ATCL sailing club will compete against Aquamarina sailing club, Jordan, and Alexandria sailing club, Egypt, in the Inter-Club sailing Competition.

On the 2nd & 3rd of October, Batroun’s Lebanese Sailing club, will host the second sailing competition.

The climax of Lebanon Water Festival starts on the 7th of October in Tyr with international Water Ski Champions performing in a, never seen before, Water Ski Show. The show will start at 3 pm sharp, with music and live entertainment.

On the 12th & 13th of October the water ski champions will perform again in Dbayeh Bay area, along with a Jet Ski Competition.

The Municipality of Dbayeh, under the Governance of Mr Kabalan Ashkar has promoted and supported the organization in this new endeavour with great enthusiasm. His Excellency Mr Kabalan Ashkar is determined in hosting the Lebanese Water Festival every year as the Dbayeh region and it’s infrastructure and marina, is organized to welcome all water sport lovers, from skiers, swimmers, divers, wind surfers....

Last but not least: the closing ceremony of the Lebanon Water Festival will take place in Beirut at Solidere on the 14th of October, at 3 pm, with the Water Ski Show and the Jet Ski competition.

The Lebanon Water Festival is a non profit organization presided by Mr Simon Khoury. The mission of this NGO is to continue Mr Khoury’s life long legacy to the world of sport by motivating and promoting sport to our youth, while providing a platform for NGO’s in Lebanon working for to promote respect and protection of our Mediterranean Sea.

The Lebanon Water Festival gives an opportunity to water sport federations to perform and attract international athletes to Lebanon, and brings unity to our country, by inviting Lebanese to discover our coastal regions.
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