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Hajj Hassan at the conference on women's empowerment in Milan: we encourage women to contribute to the fight against unemployment

BEIRUT | / NNA - October 15, 2015, 14h15

Reinforcing Women's Economic Role in Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) region is the title of the international conference organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in cooperation with the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, "No Peace without Justice" (NPWJ) Association and other partners in the Milano Expo 2015.

The Lebanese Industry Minister, Hussein Hajj Hassan, participated in this conference which discusses the challenges that women encounter in the MENA region in order to create and develop their businesses and their networks.

Funded by the Italian government, this project aims to consolidate the role of women in the economy of six countries-- Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Moroco, Tunisia and Palestine, in order to support and develop the women's initiatives as for founding businesses, pioneer projects and small and medium institutions.

This project will support in particular the creation and development of business networks run by women, setting the needed policies and legislative reforms to help in the success of this target, exchanging the new and appropriate applications as for investment opportunities and strengthening the capacity of women's organizations in delivering quality services to the national and regional levels.

In his speech, Minister Hajj Hassan stressed the need to strengthen Arab women in general and the Lebanese women in particular - especially in the economic field - and urged them to establish their own projects in order to contribute in fighting against poverty, illiteracy and unemployment.

"In this way, women could contribute to the growth and sustainable development, but also to political changes in the Arab world (...)", he said.

"This requires government policies to provide the legislative frameworks and new laws as well as amending and updating observed laws to meet the desired targets," the minister said.

Hajj Hassan praised the Italian support, donors and UNIDO in Lebanon whether that was direct-- financial support-- or indirect --training, equipments and giving priority to exports and marketing.

In addition, Hajj Hassan said that the situation of women could be improved away from the comprehensive economy of the country, "hence the need to agree on the importance of justice and equity in the international, regional and local economic policies to achieve genuine economic development as well as to improve the situation of women ".

Finally, addressing the situation of women in Lebanon, the Minister assured that the Lebanese Constitution enshrines the rights of women and gender equality. "The Lebanese experience needs to be developed, although it is a success," he concluded.

Furthermore, and on the sidelines of the conference, Hajj Hassan met and discussed with several Italian officials the cooperation projects between Lebanon and Italy.

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