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UNICEF: Lebanon announces 2 more Polio immunization campaigns during March and April 2015

BEIRUT | March 23, 2015, 11h10
An illustration of the Polio virus.
A new Polio immunization campaign will start today in Lebanon. This new campaing will run till April.
The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, UNICEF, and WHO announced the launch of a supplementary Polio immunization campaign as part of the continued efforts to keep children in Lebanon safe from polio. The seven-day campaign starts on Monday, 23 March. It aims to reach almost 180,000 children under five in Lebanon regardless of nationality.

The Ministry of Public Health, UNICEF, and WHO have partnered to target children who might have missed out on the vaccination during the previous immunization rounds.

UNICEF is providing the polio vaccine to the Ministry of Public Health, to ensure that children can get the vaccine free of charge regardless where they are receiving health care.

During this campaign, parents in Lebanon’s selected cities and villages are asked to bring their children to the nearest health center or hospital for vaccination, where WHO is providing operational support and will monitor the vaccination campaign.

UNICEF is also mobilizing its partners and out-reach teams to vaccinate children in informal settlements where many of the Syrian refugee families reside across Lebanon.

This campaign follows several rounds of polio vaccination campaigns that have reached almost 590,000 children under five, around 98.4% of the target group. The campaigns are part of the largest immunization response in the Middle East aiming to prevent the spread and circulation of polio in the region after 37 cases were confirmed in Syria and two cases in Iraq last year.

The March round of the targeted polio immunization campaign will be followed by another round during 23-30 April.
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