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'Women Entrepreneurs': Now a permanent theme for the New Arab Women Forum

BEIRUT |, with agencies - February 08, 2015, 08h02
From right to left: Nadine Abou Zaki, Bahia Hariri, Raouf Abou Zaki.
The seventh edition of the New Arab Woman Forum (NAWF) will be held on February 26 in Beirut. During a press conference to announce the event, the organizers stated that
"It is true that this is the 7th Edition of NAWF, but it is the second consecutive NAWF to be held under the title 'Women Entrepreneurs', which has turned into a permanent theme for NAWF for the years to come," said Nadine Abou Zaki, NAWF Executive Chair and Founder.

"It contributes to empowering women so they can join the myriad of women entrepreneurs, and provides the conducive environment and framework for innovation and entrepreneurship given the vital role of women in the promotion of economic growth”, she stated.

NAWF is organized by Al Iktissad Wal Aamal Group and Al Hasnaa Magazine. For the seventh year, NAWF will bring together a distinguished group of speakers and participants from both genders from the Arab world and internationally, including ministers and senior public officials, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, experts, journalists, heads of NGO and many other personalities.

Nadine Abou Zaki added: “At a time when NAWF tends to focus on Women Entrepreneurs, Arab countries witness, to a large extent, a growing interest in this field, especially that the latest report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reveals that 23% of female entrepreneurs have developed an innovative product or service, versus 18% of male entrepreneurs. This index promises a better future for the Arab woman. It also adds up challenges to NAWF in terms of making more achievements and incentives for Women Entrepreneurs”.

Abou Zaki presented the main topics that will include: “A new era for Women Entrepreneurs in the Arab World; Enhancing access to Finance as a main driving force for both Women and Men Entrepreneurs; Facing the Innovation Challenge of Women Entrepreneurs; Policies and procedures of an enabling environment for innovation, and Success Stories of Innovative Women Entrepreneurs from the previous period”.

MP Bahia Hariri, NAWF Honorary President, said that “today, we have gone beyond gender equality". The statement was quite provoking, when the Arab women's rights and situation still need to be improved.

"We do not desire anymore that women become like men because Women Entrepreneurs from Lebanon and the Arab World represent our national and Arab model," Bahia Hariri explained.

"Henceforth, other people should get inspired by the purity, faith and entrepreneurship of women and young girls from Lebanon and the Arab World. I am proud of them, their role and self-giving in the most difficult and critical circumstances and challenges facing our country and nation”.

“I am very proud and confident that I stand today before Lebanese Women Entrepreneurs who have realized that the future had always been and will be forever in the hands of Lebanese and Arab Women Entrepreneurs. They are armed with deep faith in their nations. They are confident that stability and prosperity can only be achieved through taking responsibilities and sacrifices for the nation and future generations. They are capable of assuming their tasks and responsibilities across all fields”.

Hariri expressed that “she takes a great deal of pride in the launching of the Seventh Edition” and stressed on the fact “that this will not let us forget the sufferings and bitterness of the mothers of our captive soldiers and mothers of all martyrs who are victims of hatred, ignorance, underdevelopment and disregard to the most obvious human rights".

Hariri called on “all Lebanese women, in this hardship, to express their faith in their beloved country Lebanon and face all those who try to damage the future of their children”.

Hariri concluded, “I am confident that they can put things back on track and confront anyone who wants to tamper with our unity and disrespect our state, the right of our daughters and sons to education, knowledge, progress and prosperity after we have, all and for so many years, paid a high price. One cannot take out such memories from the hearts of the mothers, sisters and wives who have lost their loved ones for the sake of their beloved country, Lebanon”.
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