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In Turkey, Valerie Amos calls for a political end to the three year Syrian conflict

BEIRUT |, with agencies - October 21, 2014, 09h24
Des Kurdes syriens se réfugient en Turquie pour fuir les combats dans la ville de Kobane (nord est de la Syrie). Photo: UNHCR.
Spotlighting the plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey, as well as the Turkish Government’s efforts to meet the needs of an influx of an estimated 1.6 million people, United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos on Monday urged the world to “remember the suffering of the Syrian people” and the urgent need for a political end to the three year conflict.
At the conclusion of a two-day visit to Turkey, she reminded the international community of the gravity of Syria’s humanitarian crisis and said that additional support is needed ahead of the long winter months for people who have been displaced by fighting, and for the countries supporting them.

Ms. Amos, who is the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, said that 900,000 Syrian refugees are registered in Turkey and the actual number is estimated at 1.6 million.

“Nearly 200,000 civilians fled Ayn Al-Arab into Turkey in a matter of weeks and the Turkish authorities responded immediately,” she said, thanking the Government and people of Turkey for their generosity in welcoming Syrians seeking safety in the country.

Almost ten million people have been displaced internally or have left Syria altogether.

“Over three million have fled and are seeking shelter in neighbouring countries – 1.1 million are registered in Lebanon where one third of the population is made up of Syrian refugees. 619,000 are registered in Jordan but the actual number is much higher,” said Ms. Amos, who is also the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator.

Recalling her visit to Yibo transit camp in Suruç, where 5,000 people are currently seeking shelter, she explained that families have been left terrified by what has happened to them. “I met a woman who had fled Homs to Kobane and had to flee again to Suruç. She was in tears, desperate about the future of her children.”

Ms. Amos said that the UN and its partners will continue to do all it can to help those in need but stressed that there is a limit to what the humanitarian community can do.

“We can save lives. Help to clothe, house and feed people. Provide education to children. But we cannot deliver the safety and security that people crave,” said Ms. Amos. “We urgently need a political solution in Syria. The world must remember the suffering of the Syrian people and act,” she added.
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