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Syrian Coalition and NCC agree on a "common" vision on Syria

BEIRUT |, with agencies - June 16, 2016, 09h24

The Syrian National Coalition and the National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change (NCC) agreed on "a common vision for a political solution in Syria."

Both opposition bodies stressed their "rejection of any foreign occupation and intervention in Syria."

This common vision was announced in a joint statement by the two sides at the conclusion of a three-day meeting earlier today in the Belgian capital, Brussels. The meeting, the fourth between the Syrian Coalition and the NCC is part of the opposition’s efforts to reach a common stance and lay out a unified vision for a political solution in Syria.

Both sides reiterated "commitment to a political solution in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué of 2012, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions on Syria and on national consensus among different components of the Syrian society, including Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians in order to ensure building an inclusive, democratic, civil state."

The joint statement said: "The conferees believe that all components of the Syrian society were victims of the Assad regime’s criminality and the failure of the international community to provide protection to them, making them vulnerable to chaos, destruction and terrorism in all its forms.”

“Both sides categorically reject any foreign occupation or intervention in Syria," the statement added.

The statement called on the European Union to "play a more active role to support a political solution in Syria; sponsor the negotiating process; enforce international resolutions on Syria; curb the Assad regime’s violence; counter terrorism in all its forms; and help the Syrian refugees resolve the issues facing them."

The statement stressed that "the Syrian people, including supporters of the regime, will be free from all political affiliation when the tyrannical murderous regime is toppled and the forces of terrorism and extremism are defeated." It emphasized that "fighting terrorism requires ending tyranny and the full mobilization of the Syrian national forces under the leadership of a transitional governing body."

The two sides expressed intention to hold regular meetings and workshops with the participation of representatives of political forces, social components, activists and experts. They also reaffirmed support for the High Negotiations Committee (HNC). They pledged to increase coordination among the Syrian national forces and components and to organize joint visits to the countries dealing with the situation in Syria.

The two sides agreed to develop "a common vision to resolve the Kurdish issue while preserving the unity of Syria and ensuring the recognition of the Kurdish national identity and the participation of the Kurdish political and revolutionary forces in establishing a democratic system in Syria."

Both sides renewed condemnation of the "horrific massacres taking place in Syria at the hands of Assad and his allies." They also condemned "regime plans of mass forced displacement, the besiegement of entire areas and the blocking of food and medicine into these areas, and the continued arrests and enforced disappearances."

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