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Mogherini: Lebanon cannot afford to wait for the region to solve its problems before it addresses the Presidential vacuum issue

BEIRUT |, with agencies - May 26, 2016, 08h59

In a statement issued on Wednesday, on behalf of the European Union on Lebanon, EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini called the Lebanese political forces to elect a new president.

"On 25 May 2016 Lebanon enters its third year without a President," the statement said.

"The sovereignty, stability, territorial integrity and independence of Lebanon are important for the European Union. Lebanon remains an example of freedom, diversity and tolerance for the region, but the prolonged political crisis can only further weaken the country and its institutions in facing its many challenges. Lebanon cannot afford to wait for the region to solve its problems before it addresses this issue.

The EU again urges Lebanese political forces and all stakeholders to put partisan and individual interests aside and find a viable compromise to elect a President swiftly. The EU supports the efforts deployed by the Lebanese government under difficult circumstances to ensure that issues of dissent do not hinder completely the functioning of Lebanese Institutions, and do not compromise the delivery of international assistance. In this context the EU commends the Lebanese Armed Forces' work for the safety and security of the country. The National Dialogue and other mediation efforts are laudable initiatives to ensure communication between political forces and prevent a deterioration of the political climate. The EU welcomes the holding of the Municipal elections and the Parliamentary by-elections for a vacant Parliamentary seat, and calls on all parties to create the conditions for the holding of Parliamentary elections.

The EU is fully aware of the additional challenges that the refugee crisis poses for the stability of Lebanon. The EU commends the Lebanese people for their efforts to host refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria, and stresses the importance of respect by all parties of the right to safe and voluntary return of refugees displaced from Syria. As demonstrated by the EU's pledge at the London Conference and its initial implementation, the EU and its Member States are committed to supporting Lebanon, its host institutions and public services in addressing the growing needs of all vulnerable host communities and refugees. The EU welcomes Lebanon's Statement of Intent presented at the London Conference, and fully supports its implementation.

The EU reiterates its commitment to the partnership with Lebanon, and reaffirms the need to work together to respond to common challenges on the basis of our common values, including human rights, democracy, and respect for diversity."

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Ali Moussa
May 30, 2016, 20h12
التجمّع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان
تسجيل ترشّح سعد يعقوب عبدو إلى مهمة رئاسة الجمهورية لمدة سنتين في واحد شباط سنة 2016.
الأربعاء‏ØŒ 16‏ كانون الأول‏ØŒ 2015. مشروع تعديل الدستور اللبناني واتفاق الطائف لتطوير لبنان نحو الديمقراطية الشفافة، والعدالة الاجتماعية والاستقلال الدائم.
تحميل " اقتراح دستور جديد " في (ب د أف)
16.12.2015 اقتراح دستور ديمقراطي جديد للبنان (fichier en pdf )
كي تُصبح عضو مناضل. تجميع لبنانيين في فريق عمل لبناء الديمقراطية الشفافة العادلة ( تدقشل ).
نبحث عن لبنانيين في لبنان ومغتربين لبنانيين، من أصحاب الخبرة والضمير، لتشكيل – فريق عمل متجانس - نواة التدقشل ( التجمع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان ). مشروعنا السياسي موجود على العناوين التالية في الانترنت : (anglais LSTDO) – (français ADFTL) – (عربي تدقشل).
بحاجة على الأقل لـ 500 لبناني، منهم 250 امرأة. 250 من أصل مسيحي و250 من أصل مسلم لتشكيل نواة فريق عمل. ولكن كلهم من أنصار الدولة العلمانية المدنية الديمقراطية القوية الشفافة المعتدلة المستقلة المحايدة الإنسانية أللا عنصرية الآمنة المثقفة المنتجة والدستورية والقانونية والعادلة.
نموذج للتسجيل. ليتم تعبئته وتوقيعه لتكون عضوا في تجمّع (تدقشل). تحديث في 11-9-2015.
التجمّع الديمقراطي القوي الشفاف في لبنان
< أشتغل لتأخير الموت وتحسين مستوى حياة كل إنسان عند جميع الشعوب >
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