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Municipal elections : Beirut Madinati demands official results

BEIRUT | - May 10, 2016, 08h42

A number of activists held a sit-in outside the Interior Ministry in protest against the delay in the announcement of official and final results of the municipal elections, NNA field said on Monday night.

The poll took place on Sunday in a relatively serene atmosphere in Beirut and the Bekaa region.

The lists representing the civil society were not as successful as many were hoping. However, Beirut Madinati, the most important civil society list, #Beirut_madinati, received almost 41% of the total vote, according to a statement by political advisor Rabih al Chaer on his facebook page. The fact that this good result did not allow the list to take any seat again questions the relevance of electoral law, with thew necessity to adopt a proportionality system. 

Beirut Madinati yesterday issued a short statement on its Facebook page, demanding official results and information about the electoral process, “particularly since the closure of the polls and the start of the screening process. We have recorded a number of violations,” the statement said.

Without waiting for any official results however, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri yesterday evening congratulated “the people of Beirut on the victory of the ‘Beirutis List’ in the municipal elections” and “thanked all those who contributed to the success of this honourable democratic test."

Former Premier Hariri delivered a speech at the "Center House" in the presence of the head of the "Beirutis List" Jamal Itani and its members, and a number of Beirut MPs and figures.

Here is the speech: "Congratulations to Beirut, to the people of Beirut, to the Beirutis. Mabrouk to all of you. Beirut said its word in politics, and the Beirutis chose their political path and their political project.

“Congratulations to the Lebanese for succeeding is this honourable democratic test” he said. “Congratulations to all the lists that won the elections and congratulations to all the lists that participated in the elections in Beirut and the Bekaa, particularly our people in Ersal and the mayors of Beirut.”

Saad Hariri addressed the voters of the Beirut Madinati list, the most important list issued by the civil movement. “The elections are behind us now and there is a new political page. Here, I want to address the voters who gave their votes to other lists, especially to those who voted for "Beirut Madinati": You are part of Beirut's social, civil, cultural and youth fabric. You did a thankful democratic job and you preserved the nature of our political system. I think that your dreams and ambitions are similar to ours. You may have been hard on us during the campaign, but this is the nature of electoral campaigns and this is your right. But the fact is that you resemble us and you do not resemble those who tried to use your votes for one purpose: break parity, and harm the Beirutis, Beirut and its political will.”

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