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Hollande: France's aid to refugees in Lebanon to reach 100 million Euros within 3 years

BEIRUT | / NNA - April 17, 2016, 10h04
Photo: National News Agency

In a joint press conference held following their meeting at the Grand Serail on Saturday, Prime Minister Tammam Salam and French President Francois Hollande outlined the main points tackled during their discussions, whereby Hollande declared "France's aid to refugees in Lebanon shall reach 50 million Euros in 2016 and 100 million Euros within the upcoming three years."

Hollande praised the "Lebanese-French friendship relations," stressing that his country stands by Lebanon, in light of the historical ties, geographic proximity and the cultural and linguistic aspects.

He expressed deep respect for the courageous role played by PM Salam "in confronting various internal challenges despite the extraordinary circumstances witnessed in neighboring countries like Syria and Iraq, especially in providing shelter to a huge number of refugees amidst the current presidential vacuum.

"France is keen on preserving Lebanon's security," said Hollande, adding that "peace in the Middle East is that of France and the world at large, and we will work to provide immediate assistance to enhance the security capabilities of Lebanon against any threat in the coming days."

He stressed his concern "for the safety of Lebanon, its unity and sovereignty," adding that "it is the responsibility of France towards Lebanon today to urge the international community to help in the refugee crisis, for Lebanon needs to be strengthened and developed."

PM Salam, in turn, hoped that "France will resume efforts to push for the election of a new Lebanese President the soonest possible," while quoting the French President's commitment to "maintaining security and stability in Lebanon."

He also expressed his appreciation towards Hollande's "keenness on visiting Lebanon despite the current prevailing conditions in the region."

Salam indicated that the meeting was a chance to "have an in-depth discussion about the consequences of the Syrian refugees' dossier and ways in which France can contribute, both directly and via international forums, to assist Lebanon in carrying such a huge burden."

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