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Hariri to CNN: "All I want is to fill the vacuum"

BEIRUT |, with agencies - March 04, 2016, 08h18
Saad Hariri on February 14, 2016 in Beirut, during the commemoration of his father's assassination.

Without a president for the [Lebanese] republic, and without a new government, Lebanon cannot survive amid challenges, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri told an interview on pan-West CNN on Thursday. 

"All I want is to fill the vacuum," Hariri said, highlighting efforts to protect Lebanon from neighboring unrest. "We don't want Lebanon to turn into a second Syria. We want to rescue Lebanon." 

Accordingly, he voiced fears that Lebanon would turn into a war arena. "ISIS would be glad to come to Lebanon; we are fighting it and we will keep fighting it and al-Nusra Front." 

"In the end, if there isn't a president for Lebanon and a new government, Lebanon cannot survive while facing all those challenges," he corroborated. 

Hariri explained that the presidential post was still void because of Hezbollah, whom he depicted as "very close to and an agent of Iran." 

"Why are [the Iranians] making Hezbollah ban MPs from electing a president?" he wondered. 

"Hezbollah is playing the role of Iran's agent and this is deplorable; because Lebanon cannot bear animosity towards any Arab country, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," he said. 

"The Kingdom has offered a lot to Lebanon throughout the history of ties between the two countries, and spent billions of dollars in Lebanon, especially following July War; it has always played a positive role. And, it did not found militias in Lebanon, while Iran did," he added, in reference to Hezbollah. 

Besides, Hariri said he believed there was a political decision as per which Hezbollah should drag Lebanon onto the regional arena. "I think this is the main problem." 

The leader of Future Movement has maintained that Lebanon should have sided with Saudi Arabia, in response to a question on his take on Lebanon's Foreign Minister's stances at Arab League meetings. 

"I believe that the Lebanese Foreign Minister, who is close to Hezbollah, took a decision that should not have been taken." 

"I beleive that when it comes to Arab unity, we must have a clear position at the government," Hariri said. 

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