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$11 Billion were raised in aid for Syria at London's Donor Conference, Salam wants to "move forward"

BEIRUT |, with agencies - February 05, 2016, 12h55

"We are all content with the results and the 11-billion-dollar undertakings (...) we highlight the importance of these undertakings, and the necessity to provide the required mechanisms to allow paying the funds to the sides in need," Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam said in the conclusion of London Conference that hosted donor states seeking to help war-torn Syria.

Mr Salam maintained that he was looking forward to further international meetings in order to share the burden and exert joint efforts to face the Syrian crisis.

"We will not give up, but we will move forward. We look forward to further meetings and conference in the future to share the burden," he stated.

"Today was a dynamic day. There were too many speeches, words, and interventions, all aiming to shed light on the situation in the Arab world and the stiff condition of [Syrian] refugees," he indicated.

"We are all committed to facing the Syrian crisis," he stressed, reiterating the obligation to reach a political solution to end Syria war.

"It is mandatory to make a joint world effort to face the conflict (...) we will keep our vows and we will shoulder our responsibilities," he concluded.

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