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Aoun upon 10th anniversary of agreement with Hezbollah only renews commitment

BEIRUT | / NNA - February 05, 2016, 09h35

Head of Change and Reform bloc, MP Michel Aoun, on Thursday renewed commitment to his strong alliance with Hezbollah, upon the anniversary of the understanding paper that was signed at Mar Mkhayel Church by both sides, ten years ago.

"The agreement signed by Hezbollah was set to be a national understanding, because we tackled issues that might be divisive to the Lebanese," Aoun told an interview on al-Manar TV.

"Events that hit Lebanon only contributed to renewing understanding (...) as if the paper was signed yesterday," he said.

"Hezbollah behaved with us honestly and respectfully. The Lebanese must know that understanding between us was built upon our word. There are ethics in our relationship," he explained.

"Commitment to the goal and the cause fortifies agreement in the face of rift," he stressed.

"Everybody must understand that Lebanon is based upon balance and participation," he reminded.

On his reconciliation with the Lebanese Forces, Aoun said that the agreement was not directed against anybody. "Our agreement is built upon the idea of bolstering our friendship with those we haven't been on good terms with lately. This shall be the start of a friendship that we want to be strong."

Aoun did not fail to highlight the necessity to resume the application of the understanding with Hezbollah, in reference to article 4 on fighting corruption.

"We are still on our promise against terrorism and Israel," he concluded.

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