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Ashraf Rifi: I see no election happening soon

BEIRUT | / NNA - February 03, 2016, 14h10

Sheikh Abdullatif Derian received on Wednesday at Dar El-Fatwa Minister of Justic Ashraf Rifi with talks featuring high on the latest local updates.

Rifi stressed that former Minister Michel Samaha's case was of national importance and bore no adjournment "as it tampers with our security, the safety of our children and Lebanon's coexistence and stability."

Rifi pledged conclusive action in this regard, assuring that the security of Lebanon and the Lebanese are not to be underestimated.

Asked whether Samaha's case will be referred to the judicial council, Rifi promised the Lebanese to follow up on this case until the end.

"Its referral is the cabinet's responsibility. We expect certain political forces or parties to hamper this referral, but we will do whatever it takes to finalize this dossier," Rifi said.

Tackling the presidential elections and the media rumors saying no president will be elected unless an internal incident occurs or a regional shift happens, the Minister said "the second option is more likely. The president must be locally chosen, and the election must be a national cause but, unfortunately, in our case, Iran has decided to derail the elections... Iran wants a president that fits both its regional agenda and interests."

"I see no elections happening soon. We are headed toward further vacuum and that tampers with our country's stability and its economic cycle," he said regrettably.

"I am totally against having presidential candidates from the March 8 camp. March 14 is more deserving of this as it made sacrifices for that end," he concluded.

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