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Geagea to Al Riyadh: relation with Saudi Arabia is unyielding

BEIRUT | / NNA - January 29, 2016, 14h20

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea stressed in an interview with Al-Riyadh Newspaper that Gulf countries' irritation over Lebanon's stances at the Arab Summit and its declared dissociation vis-a-vis Iran's interference in Arab affairs was totally understandable.
"Our Gulf brothers - mainly Saudi Arabia - have never failed to lend a helping hand to Lebanon, and what they expected in return was the latter's support in their own times of crisis," he argued.

"Unfortunately, Lebanon's stance whether at the meeting of Arab Foreign ministers or at the Organization of Islamic Conference was disappointing, and thus, we urge the Prime Minister, the government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to rectify this situation, especially as what the Kingdom and the Gulf countries are requesting is only fair," Geagea went on.

Asked whether LF's relations have gone with the Saudi Kingdom after Geagea's support for Aoun's candidacy, the LF chief said "ties with Saudi Arabia are and will forever be unchanged."

"Our support of General Aoun's candidature did not happen in the blink of an eye. It was the fruit of long talks tackling the different aspects of Lebanon's political life. These talks resulted in ten key points approved in the presence of General Aoun himself... The second among the items we have agreed upon was to underline respect for the Taif agreement," he stressed.

Pertaining to the impact of this major Christian reconciliation and, accordingly, the nomination of General Michel Aoun on LF's relations with Future Movement leader Saad Hariri, Geagea said all the rumored break-ups between the two political camps or between the March 14 components were inaccurate and far from reality.

Commenting on the excuses given by some parties to keep derailing the presidential elections, Geagea said "it is no longer permissible to keep tying the electoral entitlement to the situation of Syria."

"We no longer accept un-Lebanese calculations. The country has been subject to presidential vacuum for over a year and a half and we must elect a president the soonest possible, regardless of what may happen in Syria," he concluded.

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