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Kanaan: We trust Hezbollah

BEIRUT | / NNA - January 24, 2016, 08h16

Secretary of Change and Reform Bloc, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, told Al Mada radio on Saturday that the agreement between the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and the Lebanese Forces (LF) is built to last years to come, in a bid to reclaim partnership and balance that would bring back the "days of glory." He asserted that relations with Hezbollah continue to be good as they are built on "mutual trust," dismissing any rumors that shroud Hezbollah's nomination of MP Michel Aoun for the presidency.

He revealed that his political team was discussing a new electoral law with the LF that would guarantee "parity and partnership" while continuing to work with all various blocs.

"I do not expect any further appointments in state institutions that do not please Christians after their political resurrection. Those days are gone and together we will bring back the glory days."

Kanaan asserted that the agreement with the LF did not come as a reaction to the nomination of MP Sleiman Frangieh by former PM Saad Hariri; albeit, it did accelerate said agreement. As for relations with Frangieh, he contended that there were more things in common with Frangieh than things that set the two sides apart.

The consensus with the LF also went to include protecting Lebanon and dissociating it from "axes."

"This stems from national and sovereign constants with the hope of keeping the best relations with all states based on respect of Lebanon's sovereignty and the right of its people to determine their fate," noted Kanaan who voiced confidence that MP Michel Aoun was fully capable of heading the state.

He called upon everyone, including the Kataeb party, to embrace the FPM-LF agreement.

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