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Sami Gemayel hails Geagea, Aoun reconciliation, says Kataeb would not elect a candidate bearing March 8 project

BEIRUT | - January 23, 2016, 08h22

Kataeb party on Friday heaped praise on the newly accomplished reconciliation that took place earlier this week at Maarab between Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, and Head of Change and Reform bloc, MP Michel Aoun.

"Today, we are witnessing reconciliation between two political parties that have fought each other for too long. This reconciliation is important for the future of Lebanon," Kataeb leader, MP Sami Gemayel, told reporters in Bekfaya.

"This reconciliation is a very important opportunity; but we want it to be based upon constant pillars so that it doesn't disintegrate again," he underlined.

Gemayel also upped calls upon all parties to complete that step and discuss the future of Lebanon, as well as to lay common grounds to build upon.

"Reconciliation is a thing, and political agreement is another. The latter must be built upon a common vision; this is what we require in order to move from reconciliation to supporting a candidate to the presidency," he elaborated.

"The Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces have moved to the stage of political coalition in order to reach power," he analyzed, deeming the reconciliation as a "healthy thing."

Pertaining to the presidential polls, Gemayel reiterated that his party would not elect a candidate bearing the project of rival March 8 camp.

"We have called to vote for General Aoun. We will be very clear and succinct. We said that we would not elect a candidate carrying the project of March 8 camp (...) we will only elect a Lebanese candidate carrying only a made-in-Lebanon project. Otherwise, we will not elect him," he accentuated.

"What is Aoun's position from Lebanon's foreign policy, especially the Syrian dossier? Is he with Bashar al-Assad, or with the opposition? Or is he neutral?" Gemayel wondered.

"We are raising these questions because the reverberations of Lebanon's official stance will whether protect or harm Lebanon; if we support Bashar al-Assad, ISIS will threaten us. If we back the opposition, others will endanger us--and we are used to the harm by others," he said.

The lawmaker also indicated that the acid test would be on forthcoming February 8, the date set by House Speaker, Nabih Berri, to elect a new head of the Lebanese state, at the Parliament.

"We must at least head to the Parliament in application of the Constitution, and away from political considerations," he stressed.

But Gemayel made it clear that his party showed little appetite for the existing possibilities.

"They have until February 8 to convince us, and to answer our questions," he concluded.

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