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A great man passed away: Fouad Boutros dies at 95

BEIRUT | - January 04, 2016, 09h24

Lebanon lost, on Sunday, one of its greatest political pillars, former Minister Fouad Boutros, who died at the age of 95.

Boutros took over several ministerial duties in the eras of late Presidents Fouad Chehab, Charles Helou and Elias Sarkis, most notably the Foreign Affairs Ministry during the latter’s mandate.

The highlight of his political contributions during the recent years was his proposed parliamentary electoral law, known as the "Fouad Boutros Law" which is based on combining both majority and proportional systems together. Boutros published his memoirs by "An-Nahar" in the year 2009.

The Lebanese paid tribute to the politician on the Social Media in numerous posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said in a statement yesterday that "the passing away of former Minister Fouad Boutros constitutes a huge loss of a sincere and authentic Lebanese political figure and diplomat."

"The late Boutros had many noteworthy political positions during the Lebanese war and well-deserves the title of Statesman," said Mikati.

"Perhaps his most important diplomatic action was his clear condemnation of the Israeli enemy's practices," he added.

"Boutros was a pioneering national interlocutor and intelligent, cultivated and brave figure who played a highly significant role within the Lebanese political equation over many years," Mikati concluded.

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