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Nasrallah: Nimr's execution crime is an incident that cannot be disregarded

BEIRUT | / NNA - January 04, 2016, 09h12

Hassan Nasrallah expressed condolences to the family of the highly-spirited, courageous scholar Nimr Baker al-Nimr, deeming "his blessed unjust martyrdom as a legacy of the prophets and the school of Karbala" to which the late cleric belonged.

Hezbollah's leader's fresh words came in a televised speech during a memorial ceremony organized by the Party of God in tribute of the late scholar Mohammed Khatoun.

"The crime of the execution of Sheikh Nimr is an incident that cannot go unnoticed. They are categorically wrong as usual," Nasrallah said, deeming the crime as an earth-shattering incident, which Al-Saud may have underestimated their action.

Nasrallah said that "the land of the two mosques and the prophet has been wrongly called Saudi Arabia," saying that "the land of Islam has been called in the name of the family of Al-Saud, which survived and imposed itself on the people of the Arabian Peninsula through massacres, killings and intimidation."

"In this land, criticism, objection and arguments are forbidden," Nasrallah remarked, asking the Saudi judiciary whether they were able to prove that the executed Sheikh carried weapons or even formed an armed groups.

Nasrallah stressed that the executed Sheikh was a man of a peaceful march, akin to all scholars in the eastern province in particular and Bahrain.

Nasrallah eulogized "the martyred cleric al-Nimr" as a "pioneering man of the resistance", bravely embodying the "voice of consciousness, piety, unity and moral values."

The Party leader underlined that no one can conquer the march of the resistance and Hizbollah, neither in its morals, vigor, dignity, strength and clear-cut determination to be present in every place where sacrifice for the sake of God exists.

Nasrallah wondered about the motives or insistence behind the execution step amidst these circumstances in the region, saying that such an execution bears a bloody message to the Arab and Islamic world that the Saudi regime is not concerned with the Islamic world, or with Muslim sects or the international public opinion.

"The message also says that whoever opposes us [Saudi regime], we shall eliminate him," Nasrallah said, adding that the Saudi regime insists on proceeding with the path of fighting, closing doors on dialogue, rationality and negotiations.

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