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Ghalioun: Syrians won't live under Assad even if Putin uses all his military strength

BEIRUT |, with agencies - December 31, 2015, 07h01

Burhan Ghalioun, a member of the Syrian Coalition, said on Tuesday that "Russia has greatly contributed to ISIS’s emergence when it blocked all proposed UN Security Council resolutions aimed at protecting civilians in Syria from Assad’s oppression."

Quoted by Al Arabi Al Jadid and the Syrian National Coalition, Ghalioun added that "Russia was a contributor to the refugee crisis as millions were forced to flee Assad’s barrel bombs and seek refuge in Europe."

The former president of the Syrian National Transitional Council stressed that "By placing Syria under its direct military control, Moscow seeks to divide Syria and have the final say in distributing our homeland between countries contending for influence according to Russia’s own vision and in a manner that suits its interests. Russia is carrying out its plans at the expense of the Syrian people who are left without a voice.”

"That was what Assad, the father, had done before. However, the difference is so huge between Syria under Hafez and Syria under Bashar, his son. Syrians now have thrown off the shackles of slavery once and for all and will never submit to oppression even if Putin uses all the Russian arms against them,” he added.

Ghalioun went on to say that “it will not be possible anymore to establish a strong political system and a unified authority in Syria as long as the Syrian people are excluded and marginalized.”

“The only alternative to tyranny, sectarian rule, discrimination and exclusion that have prevailed in Syria for decades, is a Syrian political process built on a broad popular base. In this new system, the free Syrian people will be ready to die for their homeland, its independence and sovereignty; the Syrian national interest will trump all regional interests as people will seek to preserve Syria’s unity, independence, security and human development,” Ghalioun said.

Ghalioun called upon the international community to recognize the rights of the Syrian people and to work with them so that they achieve their legitimate aspirations for dignity, freedom and justice.

Ghalioun also reiterated that “Russia’s plan is to break the will of the Syrian people by stepping up violence. Russia also seeks to impose Russian control over them by installing a puppet regime in Syria, with or without Assad, to serve Russia’s interests. These policies will only fuel the fire in Syria and expand and prolong the war; a war in which Russia has decided to side with the Assad regime against the Syrian people.”

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