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Syrian opposition meeting begins in Saudi Arabia

BEIRUT |, with agencies - December 09, 2015, 10h12

Syrian opposition groups began unprecedented talks in Saudi Arabia Wednesday morning, The Saudi Press Agency reported, in a difficult attempt to unify ahead of potential talks with President Bashar Assad's government.

The meeting is taking place behind closed doors.

On Tuesday, the Syrian Coaltion of opposition forces said that  the Syrian opposition, despite some differences, has a common vision about Syria’s future in the transition period. In a press release, Hisham Marwa, the vice president of the Syrian Coalition, added that this vision will be manifest at the Riyadh conference.

“The Syrian Coalition has already agreed a document for a political solution after launching dialogue with the National Coordination Committee, Building the Syrian State Movement and rebel groups. The visions for Syria’s future were almost identical,” Marwa said.

Marwa went on to say that the Riyadh conference is qualified to produce this vision. “Syria’s future will be determined by its sons and daughters who all seek a free Syria; a state free of extremism where the rule of low prevails."

Marwa raised doubts about the Assad regime’s view and intentions towards the political process, noting that Assad agreed to engage in a political process only to gain more time. “Assad will sit at the negotiating table only when the international community has the will to put pressure on Iran and Russia," Marwa said.

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