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Rifi to Anatolia: President must be either March 14 or neutral

BEIRUT | / NNA - November 28, 2015, 07h21

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi categorically stressed that whoever comes at the head of the republic must belong to March 14 camp or a neutral figure, yet must not be at any links with Bashar al-Assad or the Iranian project.

Minister Rifi's fresh stance came on Friday in an interview to "Anatolia" news agency, over an array of dossiers on the local, regional and international arena.

This statement also came as rumor has it that 8 March member Sleiman Frangieh would be elected President in a few days.

Rifi voiced rejection of certain proposals to amend the electoral law, saying Constitution mechanism must be thoroughly respected, and any proposal outside the frames of the Constitution is a "waste of time."

Rifi considered that the arrival of any candidate of March 8 to the head of the presidency is tantamount to a great "setback" to March 14, fearing certain negative repercussions of such a matter.

He also hoped that a swift election of a new president of the republic would be shortly taking place, in order to start addressing pending predicaments in the country.

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