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Paris under several terrorist attacks: 120 dead, 200 wounded

BEIRUT |, with agencies - November 14, 2015, 06h02
A screenshot from a video published on Al Arabiya website

Several terrorist attacks were carried out on Firday night in various locations in Paris.

The attacks left 120 dead and 200 wounded according to a first toll.

Terrorists (some with AK47s, some with bombs strapped to them) attacked sites throughout the French capital, including concert hall "Le Bataclan", and the Stade Français, a huge stadium where a soccer match was underway between France and Germany, CNN reported.

French President François Hollande stated that "France will not let itself be impressed or frightened even if today we are overcome with sadness.”

U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the night of violence in Paris as an “attack on all of humanity” Friday, vowing the bonds of liberty, equality, fraternity would not be broken.

“Those who think that they can terrorize the people of France or the values that they stand for are wrong,” Obama said to reporters at the White House.

In a statement issued by his spokesperson, the UN Secretary-General condemned the "despicable" multiple attacks that took place in the French capital.

A national state of emergency has been called in the wake of multiple shootings throughout Paris, including at the Bataclan arts centre in the 11th arrondissement, which was one of the venues attacked and where dozens of people were killed.

“The Secretary-General trusts that the French authorities will do all in their power to bring the perpetrators to justice quickly,” said the statement.

Extending his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishing a speedy recovery to those injured, Mr. Ban said in his statement that he stands with the Government and people of France.

In a separate statement, the UN Security Council also strongly condemned what the 15-member body referred to as “barbaric and cowardly” terrorist attacks, causing numerous deaths and injuries among civilians.

The Council underlined the need to bring the perpetrators of these terrorist acts to justice.

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