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Nasrallah: We ask political forces to search for true settlement

BEIRUT | / NNA - November 12, 2015, 07h53

Hezbollah Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, addressed local political forces "to search for a true political settlement," calling also for a "dual, tripartite or quadratic order to look into the issues pertaining to presidency, premiership, governmental structure and parliamentary elections law."

Nasrallah's stance came Wednesday in the context of the Martyrs Day occasion, in a televised speech watched from the front yard of the Martyrs Complex.

Nasrallah said, "Wars are being committed for the purpose of distorting the image of the resistance. Our responsibility is to face such wars inasmuch as to preserve the resistance's weapons in order to liberate the remaining of our lands."

Turning to Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the White House, Nasrallah saw the visit as explaining "US's permanent support to Israel."

He addressed politicians in Lebanon "to avoid any partnership with Obama and Netanyahu in the war against the resistance, especially that America covers all the crimes of the Israeli occupying forces against the Palestinians."

He saw that the Israeli war against Lebanon "is always a probable choice on the Israeli and American agenda," yet he ruled out the occurrence of such war as Israel "will know that it's unable to wage the war due to the big losses it will incur."

Regarding the Syrian war, he saw that the solution to the crisis cannot be except political due to the will of fighting which the Syrian Army enjoys "and defeating back the siege against Kwayress airport is a well proof on that and a message to America that the solution cannot be but political."

He went on saying, "There is failure in assuming responsibilities in managing the local crisis, and any difference in the point of view over one item makes the country seem as if it is going to collapse. There are some who say that the Lebanese President interprets the Constitution, others say that the Constitutional Council does so, others say that the parliamentary council must do at the time that the Parliament is not convening."

He added, "A country lacking a true reference prone to settle disputes, cannot manage a crisis."

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