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Rifi from Geneva: Human values should be a pact to govern our relations, a balance to resolve our conflicts

BEIRUT | / NNA - October 25, 2015, 06h39
Photo: National News Agency

Lebanese Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, warned Saturday of the "dangers facing humanity nowadays, in wake of the painful events witnessed in the world at large," adding that "we are on the verge of a very critical and exceptional era that entails utmost awareness."

Speaking at a Geneva Conference on Media, Culture and Human Dialogue, Rifi called for "rendering human values a pact that governs relations and a balance that resolves all conflicts."

Rifi's words came in his delivered lecture under the headline, "Human Dialogue: a judicial and security vision," within the works of the conference organized by the International Center for Strategic Research and Media at the Geneva University in Switzerland.

He considered that "the current gloomy scene is a natural result of the absence of human dialogue and the interrupted communication between people."

"Let us fill all fields with love and peace instead of destructive weapons, and let us raise white banners of forgiveness instead of death," said Rifi, reminding that "the Lord has created us all to be creatures of life and not death, and callers of peace and not violence."

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