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15 protestors wounded in Beirut as Police tries to put the “You Stink” rally down

BEIRUT | - August 22, 2015, 22h44

15 people were wounded on Saturday as they were taking part in the “You Stink” movement rally at Riyad Solh and Martyrs' Squares in downtown Beirut to protest against the waste crisis in Lebanon. The security forces used rubber bullets, water canon and tear gas. The Lebanese Red Cross stated on Saturday night that one person was in critical condition.

"You Stink" Movement resumed Saturday its sit-in at Riyad Solh and Martyrs' Squares in downtown Beirut, with a large crowd of civil society representatives and artists participating amidst strict security measures.

Participants denounced the way the public wastes' issue is being handled, demanding the resignation of Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk.

The activists demonstrating in Central Beirut failed to reach the House of Parliament in Nejmeh Square as they were faced with barbed wires, while security forces attempted to scatter demonstrators using fire brigade water hoses.

According to the Daily Star, the police used rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas to disperse a large protest in Downtown Beirut organized by the “You Stink” campaign Saturday, wounding at least 15 people, including one that was in critical condition, the Red Cross said.

The Police stated that 35 officers were wounded in the Beirut protest violence.

While commenting on the violence, PSP chief Walid Jumblatt said that Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk should step down.

Former Prime Minister Najib Mikati expressed dismay via "Twitter" "for the aggressive manner in dealing with the sit-in at Riad Solh and Martyrs' Squares.

Machnouk, who is currently outside Lebanon, stated in a phone call with the National News Agency that "he is against open fire under any pretext," adding that he had instructed security forces "not to shoot."  He promised that the waste crisis issue "will be resolved during the Cabinet's meeting on Thursday."

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