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Hariri warns against the Qalamoun battle

BEIRUT | May 06, 2015, 08h18
 Saad Hariri
Photo: National News Agency
Media channels and some leaders in Lebanon are continually ringing the bells for the battle in the Qalamoun hills, while the Syrian regime remains silent, as if someone wants to say that the upcoming battle is a Lebanese one on Syrian territory, and always under the pretext of a preemptive war against terrorist organizations, said former Prime Minister Saad Hariri in a statement.
Hezbollah, as we read and hear every day, is rallying weapons and militants to start the battle, and using the Lebanese border, without anyone controlling its movements, in a new round of involvement in the Syrian war, which only aims to protect Bashar al-Assad’s western wing, in light of the military collapse of the regime’s army in many areas in Syria.

Hezbollah, as usual, will not hear the advice of its partners in the country, and will ignore the Lebanese warnings against importing the Syrian fire to Lebanon. We, too, will not stop firing the alarm, and we ask all those who are cheering for the Qalamoun war and covering it, the following questions:

- Will this battle take place inside Syrian territory or over Lebanese territory? If inside Syrian territory, what calls for more Lebanese involvement in it? In addition, if it will take place on the Lebanese territory, is there a Lebanese decision to hand over the command of the border to illegitimate armed parties?

- Who can guarantee the safety of the Lebanese soldiers kidnapped by Nusra and Daesh in the event of a Lebanese participation in the battle?

- What will be the repercussions of the Lebanese participation on the Lebanese border villages, and how can the Lebanese State and its forces act if the Lebanese areas were exposed to military attacks and counter bombing?

- If the information concerning the detention of the soldiers inside the Lebanese territory is true, does this allow the illegal armed parties to unilaterally fight the battles, or is any action to free the soldiers the duty of the Lebanese army and the legitimate security forces?

-If a partisan armed Lebanese party justifies to itself the military interference in Syria, and carrying acts of war that inflict death and destruction among the Syrians, doesn’t that give the other party (i.e. the Syrian organizations) a pretext to fight inside Lebanon and carry out military acts that could inflict death and destruction among the Lebanese?

Our aim by asking these questions, addressed basically to those who cover the violation of the national consensus, is to stress that the Lebanese government, army and popular majority, are not concerned by the calls to fight and organize battles in the Qalamoun hills, and Hezbollah alone bears the consequences of getting involved in the war to serve the military agenda of Bashar al-Assad.

The responsibilities that Lebanon shoulders as a result of the heavy Syrian displacement caused by the military acts in Syria, including the acts carried out by Hezbollah in Homs, Qusair, Qalamoun and the towns bordering the Eastern chain, are responsibilities that exceed Lebanon’s ability. It is pointless to launch stubbornly new rounds of wars, and impose on the country and the legitimate institutions the consequences of disabling the Baabda declaration and the reckless policies of Hezbollah.

No power in the world, not Hezbollah or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or the thousands of tones of explosive barrels as well as the elite forces, the Pasdaran or the other Iranian military exports, would be able to protect Bashar Assad from his fall. This is the logic of history, which will never forgive a person responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of his own people.

In this respect, Hezbollah is a direct partner in the crime which it is mobilizing for in Qalamoun and which may move to Lebanon and involve the border villages of Beqaa. We warn against this and call on all parties entrusted with the safety of the Lebanese and the military to publicly declare their refusal of this involvement and not to cover it.
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