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Hariri responds to Nasrallah: Arab Shiites are not Iranian Diasporas in their own countries

BEIRUT | - April 18, 2015, 10h04
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri responded on Friday night to the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, noting that the latter is following the footsteps of Sayyed Ali Khamenei: “Creativity in falsification, deception, show of force and sectarian mobilization.”
Hariri said on Twitter: “What we heard were coordinated historical slanders, which reveal the grudges and blatant hatred against Saudi Arabia, its founder and its leadership”.

He added: “Insulting late King Abdul Aziz puts the insulters in the line of fire, from the biggest reference in Tehran to the smallest one in the Suburbs.”

Hariri stressed that “political tension will not succeed in distorting the image of Saudi Arabia, its role and position”, adding that “mobilizing followers in the incitement rings against the Kingdom will not give the local agent of the Iranian influence a certificate of good conduct for its absurd roles.”

He noted that the “scene presented by Hezbollah is imported from Iran and is as far from Lebanon’s interest as Satan is from heaven.” He added that “Hezbollah does not miss an opportunity to announce that it can put an entire sect in the Iranian basket. But Arab Shiites are not Iranian diasporas in their own countries. They are at the essence of the nation and the life of their countries, and the Iranian project which wants them to be mere tools is destined to fall.”

He added: “The shared history and destiny between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is deeper and greater than the Iranian platforms of wailing and crying which we hear, from the Suburb to Tehran”.

He said: “Hezbollah’s continuous escalation will not drag us to stances that would undermine the foundations of dialogue and civil peace”, adding “if their mission is to sacrifice Lebanon’s interests for the sake of the Houthi, our responsibility obliges us not to be dragged to similar reactions.”

Premier Hariri stressed: “We are keen to prevent discord in Lebanon, and they are keen to rescue the regime of Bashar Asaad and the Iranian role in infiltrating Yemen and interfering in Arab affairs.”

"Why all this madness in the rhetoric? It is the Decisive Storm, my dear!” he concluded in reference to the name of the military offensive launched by Saudi Arabia in Yemen against Houthis fighters.
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