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Nasrallah: We expect abominable defeat for aggression against Yemen

BEIRUT | / NNA - April 18, 2015, 09h38
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah expected a "big, abominable defeat for the Saudi aggression against Yemen," saying that "there is no other choice for Yemenis except to persevere and be ready to go for a political solution."
Nasrallah's words came Friday in the context of a festival being held to express solidarity with the oppressed Yemenis in light of the Saudi Decisive Storm war, at Sayyid Al Shuhada Complex in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut.

"We announce our rejection and condemnation to the US Saudi aggression and our sympathy with the oppressed Yemeni people, and so, it springs from our ethical, humane and jihadi duties to adopt our stance against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and not any threat will make us retreat from taking such stance," said Nasrallah.

He explained that the aim of the Saudi war was to restore the Saudi American custody over Yemen after the latter resumed back its sovereignty, indicating that the war "doesn't only harm Yemen but the whole Arab and Islamic Nation as well."

He said, "Yemenis do not need evidences to prove their Arab and Islamic identities when their literature and culture well prove that and at the time that Yemen is the country which introduced Islam to Indonesia. It is rather the one who is practicing violation against Yemen that needs evidences to prove its Arab and Islamic belonging."

Nasrallah accused KSA of the country that came out with all takfiri movements like Daash, Al Qaeda and others through its Wahhabi culture that destroyed societies in different countries. He recalled the Wahhabi action of destroying and smashing out the Islamic archaeological sites in 1926 and the Wahhabi intention to demolish the tomb of Prophet Mohammad that was on the way to take effect had it not been for the beneficial stance of Islamic capitals that safeguarded the tomb.

In this connection, Nasrallah addressed Islamic countries in the world to take a similar stance to that of 1926 and press on KSA to stop its war against Yemen that is leading to so many victims and destruction. "They [Saudis] are shelling against food stores, committing massacres against children. Many people are passing away due to the loss of medical care and substances, they are waging a harsh aerial and land besiege against the Yemenis."

The leader resembled the Saudi war to the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in July 2006, explaining that both aggressions serve US and Israel's policies in the region.

He condemned the recent decision of the UN Security council that "favored the brutal side and hit the victim" inasmuch as it does regarding the Arab Israeli dispute.

"The Saudi war has no more scopes and there are many high voices in the world that yell out in support of a political solution to the Yemeni crisis," said Nasrallah, who advised some Lebanese sides not to bet on a losing horse as they did four years ago in regards to the Syrian crisis.

However, Nasrallah again voiced support for local dialogue that would help solve all pending local problems, stressing the necessity to respect everyone's stance or opinion regarding any regional matter without taking or grasping the critique or opinion as a curse.

He thanked Syria's steadfastness against takfiris, especially that such steadfastness safeguarded both the Syrians and Lebanese from takfirism and terrorism.
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