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Hariri about Nasrallah: "It is unacceptable to use Lebanese State media to insult Saudi Arabia"

BEIRUT | - April 08, 2015, 21h29
Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday slammed Hassan Nasrallah's speech being aired on Tele Liban. In his word, the Secretary General of Hezbollah fiercely criticized Saudi Arabia's policy and military operation in Yemen.
“As if the problems that Hezbollah is causing to the Lebanese people were not enough, the party also had to involve “Tele Liban” in the media and political boxing ring," said Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, a close ally from Saudi Arabia. "It dragged it into the trap of participating in the “show of insults” against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, broadcasted by Syria’s official “Al-Ikhbariya” TV two days ago, through the infamous interview with the Secretary-general of Hezbollah."

"What concerns us in this regard is the use of Lebanese State positions and platforms to offend an Arab country and insult Saudi Arabia, its symbols and its role, similarly to what some suspicious figures and newspapers are doing, that want Lebanon to fall into the trap of hostility with its Arabs brothers, for the sake of Iran and its policies in the region.

Silence in this regard is unacceptable and unjustified, whether under the pretext of abiding by the necessities of the dialogue -that we wanted and still want with all honesty and sincerity- or under the pretext of making national interest prevail over any foreign interest, especially when we find that others expose that interest to daily risks, and work day and night to link Lebanon to all the regional conflicts, from the Tikrit and Mosul battles in Iraq to the battles of Qalamoun, Al Soueida, Aleppo and Yarmouk in Syria, to the Houthi attacks in Sanaa, Taaz and Aden.

It is deplorable and painful to see Lebanon exploited to this extent and for some of our platforms to be partners of platforms of the killer Bashar al-Assad’s in discrediting a State that only offered goodness to the Lebanese, who only heard good words from the Saudi leaders. Since the establishment of the Independent State, the Lebanese have only seen the generous Saudi contribution to end the civil war, its refusal of all forms of fighting between the Lebanese, and its support against the devastating effects of the Israeli wars the last of which took place in 2006.

History has written and will write in letters of gold what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has offered to Lebanon, and the venomous tongues will not be able to change this fact or distort it. What Saudi Arabia did and is still doing today expresses its belief in its role to protect the Arab identity, and defend the rights of the Arab peoples to security, stability and progress, unlike Iran and other countries that strive to destroy this stability and turn the Arab capitals into open arenas of sectarian and armed chaos.

Since Iran decided to export its revolution to Lebanon, it has been providing the Lebanese with continuous material for division and civil conflicts. This started within the Shiite sect in what became to be known in the eighties as the brothers’ war between the Amal Movement and Hezbollah. Then it moved to the other Lebanese components, making Hezbollah an armed militia and an organized military force that works under the leadership of the Iranian revolutionary guards and carries out its missions away from the Lebanese State, its laws and legal institutions.

Everyone knows that Iran does not respect the Arab countries and their official institutions, and works to penetrate the societies, manipulate sectarianism and sponsor the parties and forces that fall under the command of the Revolutionary guards or under the command of the strategic project of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This was demonstrated in Lebanon 35 years ago with the birth of Hezbollah from the Iranian womb and is being repeated in Yemen with the rise of the armed Houthi organization, known as Ansarullah, which has been nurtured by the Revolutionary guards since 2002.

Iran wants to clone the Lebanese model in Yemen, and has been working for years to turn the Houthi Ansarullah into a copy of the Lebanese Hezbollah, to become a tool in its hands and reach the doors of Mecca and the Arabian Gulf. Saudi Arabia tried, until the last minute, to resolve this through political means and calls for dialogue, but in vain. It thus launched the Decisive Storm and the joint Arab alliance to prevent Yemen from falling into the mistake that Lebanon fell into.

If we, in Lebanon, deal with this mistake according to the obligations imposed by the national interest, to prevent discord and further Iranian penetration in our joint life, then responsibility requires us not to keep silent and to reiterate the call to keep Lebanon neutral from the surrounding wars and refuse any kind of participation in them. But at the same time, we should protect the interests of Lebanon by confronting the indecent voices attacking Saudi Arabia and its leaders.

Saudi Arabia knows very well that Lebanon will not sell its Arabism to those who offend it, and the Lebanese also know that the Kingdom of goodness, wisdom and firmness, will not abandon Lebanon regardless of the rude voices”, Hariri concluded.
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