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Nasrallah: Saudi intervention in Yemen is a "cruel attack against Yemen people"

BEIRUT | / NNA - March 28, 2015, 08h28
Hezbollah's Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, condemned on Friday the Arab intervention in Yemen, while deploring what he termed as "the savage, cruel Saudi attack against Yemen's people, army and sovereignty," favoring the necessity "to go to dialogue in Muscat or any other place and seek a political solution instead."
Nasrallah's fresh stance came Friday evening in the context of a televised speech he made in light of recent Yemeni developments.

He considered the attack as the consequence of the Saudi failure and defeat in Yemen - "this Yemen that has been for tens of years suffering from the Saudi foreign policy that destroyed it at many levels."

However, Hezbollah leader said that Yemeni people "will eventually win and KSA and its coalition of regional countries will get defeated if they persist on continuing such cruel unwise adventure and attack."

He addressed peoples of the countries joining the Decisive Storm operation "to reconsider their interests and religion and prevent from sending their own sons to Yemen to wage war against oppressed people just in favor of a Saudi King that ignores at all the rights of people in living and leading a life of honor and generosity."

The leader went on to enlist the Saudi reasons for its military campaign or aggression against Yemen only to discover them as weak and fake.

He accordingly wondered how "the new condition in Yemen causes a threat to security in KSA and other Arab countries at the time that Yemen's internal, weak situation, especially at the economic and security levels, cannot help in the least destabilize the condition of any other country."

He also wondered how KSA which pretended keenness on the welfare of peoples and countries always stood silent at the humiliation entailing Palestinians and Palestine by the US and Israeli policies since 1948, and set up and supported terrorist groups to destabilize and destroy countries like Iraq, Yemen and others.

Nasrallah denied any Iranian meddling in Yemen, saying that "Iran doesn't interfere in the interior of any country, even Lebanon."

Turning to Lebanon, the leader also attacked and slammed KSA for its interference in local affairs when "it vetoed a rational Lebanese candidate to Lebanese presidency and is hampering his way in this regard."

Nasrallah described the candidate vetoed by KSA as a natural candidate who is national in the full meaning of the word. "Former PM Saad Hariri might have no problem with the national candidate to become a president, yet it is KSA which has such problem and is vetoing."

He again reiterated that Iran "is not at all interfering in the presidential elections dossier in Lebanon as it is a file that is typically Lebanese."

He thereby addressed the local sides "to free themselves from the foreign commands and behave locally to reach natural conclusions in this regard."

Turning to the local dialogue between Hezbollah and the Future, Nasrallah said that his party would go further to favor the dialogue which "serves the national interest and safeguards the country from any deterioration."

Nevertheless, he explained that there are certain persons from within the Future Movement who are working "to paralyze the dialogue through the testimonies they are giving in the false Special Tribunal for Lebanon."

However, Nasrallah reassured about the dialogue as being still favored by Hezbollah despite the provocations made by the Future against the party. "We will apprehend the provocations in order to defeat the objectives of flaring up sectarian strife in the country."
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