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As Safir: ISIS wanted to create an emirate in the Bekaa Valley

BEIRUT |, with agencies - February 06, 2015, 11h44
Bekaa Valley in Lebanon
Lebanese daily As Safir stated in its Friday's issue that jihadis were planning to create a security belt along the Lebanon-Syria border, and to establish an ISIS emirate in the Bekaa Valley.
The newspaper was quoting a "well-informed" security source, who reported confessions made by terrorism suspects in custody.

According to the source, terrorist groups also want to turn some Syrian refugee camps into an ISIS emirate.

In an interview to the Voice of Lebanon 93.3 radio station today, Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs Nabil de Freij ruled out the possibility of the success of Takfirism plans in Lebanon.

"There is no incubator environment for it," he said, pointing that intersecting security information about terrorist plots to undermine Lebanon.

De Freij stressed that "the only way to confront terrorism is by clinging to national unity and supporting the security services."
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