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Majdalani: Any retaliation from Hezbollah will drag Lebanon into war with Israel

BEIRUT |, with agencies - January 20, 2015, 12h51
"Future" bloc member, Atef Majdalani said on Tuesday that "any retaliation from Hezbollah over the Israeli airstrike will involve the Lebanese in a war with the Jewish state."
He told the "Voice of Lebanon" radio that Israel is an enemy and any aggression act would be expected from it.

The lawmaker called on Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria and return to Lebanon to fortify and protect it from any repercussions, urging them to "commit to Baabda Declaration and adopt the dissociation policy."

His remarks came two days after a deadly raid led by Israel against Hezbollah in Syria.

Hezbollah on Sunday announced the death of a number of its fighters in an Israeli attack in the Syrian region of Quneitra.

A communiqué issued by the Party of God stated that "while a group of Hezbollah fighters were conducting a field inspection in the town of Mazraat el-Amal in the Syrian region of Quneitra, they were targeted by rocket fire from Israeli helicopters, which led to the fall of several martyrs whose names will be announced at a later stage after informing their respective families."
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