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9 dead in Tripoli's twin suicide bombing

BEIRUT |, with agencies - January 11, 2015, 11h31
The twin suicide bombing Saturday in Omran Cafe in Tripoli's Jabal Mohsen left 9 dead and more than 35 wounded. The Nusra Front claimed responsiblity for the attack.
A suicide bomber blew himself up at Omran Cafe in Jabal Mohsen, Tripoli, Saturday evening, followed by another suicide bomber who blew himself up as civilians started gathering at the explosion scene.

Lebanese Army immediately enforced a tight security blockade around Omran Cafe as North Governor Judge Ramzi Nohra issued a curfew decision in the region.

The identity of the two alleged suicide bombers was revealed on Saturday and the father of one of them handed himself to the authorities.

The Nusra Front claimed responsibility for the attack. The jihadist group is currently fighting in Syria against President Bachar el Assad forces.

Lebanese party Hezbollah is currently fighting in Syria to support Assad's forces.

Commenting on the attack, Hezbollah condemned the "horrible terrorist crime in the region of Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli that led to the falling of a large number of martyrs and wounded," considering it "an attempt to restore the seeds of discord among the people, and an expression of the terrorist ideology’s rage against commitment to national constants and co-existence and the climates of internal dialogue, tolerance and tranquility in Lebanon."

The Party expressed "deepest condolences to the families of the fallen martyrs, and to the people and leaders of Jabal Mohsen," calling on them to "practice self-restraint and patience, so as not to be dragged into reactions that achieve the criminals’ goals."

The statement stressed that "at this critical juncture, strong cooperation is needed with the army and security forces and State institutions in the war against terrorism, in order to isolate such terrorist organizations and eliminate this scourge that threatens the future of our nation and its people."
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