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Charlie Hebdo attacked in Paris: Lebanon pays condolences to France

BEIRUT | / NNA - January 07, 2015, 18h24
Photo from the Twitter account of the French 20Minutes's journalist William Molinié
Prime Minister Tammam Salam on Wednesday cabled French President François Hollande, to whom he paid condolences on the killing of victims during a deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris.
In his cable, Salam expressed sympathy, highlighting the solidarity of all the Lebanese with the families of the victims.

He also sternly condemned this "inadmissible unjustified terrorist act."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates also condemned, in a statement on Wednesday, the "terrorist crime" that targeted the office of the weekly publication.

The Ministry expressed in the statement its full solidarity with the French government and people in their war against terrorism, renewing calls upon the international community to work within the frame of the international laws to uproot terrorism today before tomorrow.

Information Minister, Ramzi Jreij, categorically deplored the attack on "Charlie Hebdo" Magazine in Paris as a "terrorist act," saying such an attack targets the whole media not only the French Journal.

"Terrorism is the same wherever it exists.. It does not distinguish between one region and another and between one journalist and the other," said Minister Jreij, denouncing this cowardly attack on media freedom.

The Minister also considered the attack as a trespass on the freedom of the press and public liberties, as well as freedom of expression and opinion in France and the world.

He renewed call on the need to neutralize the media body- in any region of the world- from all conflicts and disputes, since, as he said, mediamen who are carrying out their professional mission with all honesty and loyalty form the fort of public freedom.

Jreij extended condolences to French President, Francois Hollande, and the families of fallen martyrs, wishing the injured speedy recovery.
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