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Assad insists on developing economic cooperation with Iran

BEIRUT |, with agencies - January 06, 2015, 09h18
Credit photo: SANA agency
Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Monday highlighted the importance of developing economic cooperation with Iran, emphasizing on the necessity to merge the economic and strategic visions between the two countries, as reported by state-run news agency SANA.
Assad made these remarks during his meeting today with Head of the Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations Development Committee, Rustom Ghasemi, who is now in Damascus for talks over oil, gas, industry, mineral resources, food products, and real estate development.

Talks during the meeting tackled the efforts being made to strengthen economic relations between Syria and Iran and the need for optimal investment in the available opportunities in various vital sectors to benefit both countries.

"President al-Assad stressed the need for the Syrian-Iranian economic vision to intermingle with the political and strategic vision between the two countries, underlining the need to facilitate procedures and overcome obstacles hindering the development of economic cooperation, as this cooperation strengthens the historic relations between the two countries’ people and realizes their common interests," SANA reported.

According to the official agency Ghasemi reiterated "Iran’s support for the Syrian people in the face of the unjust war waged upon it, affirming that Iran is committed to continue providing support and expertise to empower Syria on the economic level and bolster its steadfastness until victory is achieved."

He also noted that "there are untapped economic potential and resources in Syria and Iran, and that there are many projects that could be invested in to serve the strategic relation between the two countries."

The meeting was attended by the Iranian Ambassador in Damascus and the Syrian Ambassador in Tehran.

During a meeting earlier in September, President al-Assad affirmed to Ghasemi that the Syrian people welcome Iran’s readiness to participate in the reconstruction process, SANA stated.
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