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Kanaan: We reject refugee status quo regarding the Syrian refugees

BEIRUT | / NNA - December 14, 2014, 17h48
"We reject the Syrian refugee status quo but we want to have the salary scale file out, kicking and alive, General-Secretary of the Aounist Trend MP Ibrahim Kanaan told an LBCI talk-show program on Sunday.
"We are in a perpetual state of communication with the Lebanese Forces' party in quest of preserving a bright future for a Christian Lebanese entity," he added.

He went on to say that a unified Christian Lebanon is prone to bridge the gap between components of a confessionally diverse country since, in Kanaan's words; a fairly represented Christian component serves the interest of stability and statehood.

The deputy defended himself against charges of involvement in seafront estate irregularities saying figures and statistics supplied by him, speak for themselves.

He duly counter charged George Adwan of the Lebanese Forces' party with reducing fines imposed on maritime property irregularities.

Kanaan also accused whom he termed as certain political wills of shelving the salary scale bill in deep freeze.

"One option for dealing with the kidnapped soldiers' file is to speed up the trial of detainees held for years now and the 5-star hotel of Roumyeh prison ought to stop," he said.

Concerning municipal allotments, billions worth of Lebanese pounds accrued to them would be delivered upon the amendment of a relevant motion bill Kanaan retorted.

He wrapped up on a 50/50-based confessional electoral law in-line with constitutional ruling.
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