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Arsal Youth offer their condolences to Bazzal Family: "Our village is occupied by foreigners"

BEIRUT |, with agencies - December 07, 2014, 08h46
The Youth of Arsal on Saturday offered their condolences in a letter to the family of Martyr Ali Bazzal "who died to protect Lebanon, including Arsal."
Ali Bazzal was executed on Friday by Jabhat al Nusra (the Nusra Front). Ali Bazzal was a Lebanese policeman. He was among the Lebanese soldiers that were abducted last Summer during the violent clashes between Al Nosra gunmen and the Lebanese army in Arsal (Lebanon north east).

The Nusra Front has executed four of the hostages. Twenty-six solidiers are still detained by the Syrian, jihadist group.

Ali Bazzal's killing raised fears of reprisals in the northeastern Bekaa Valley, Bazzal’s home province.

"Arsal is a Lebanese village occupied by foreign groups or individuals who have decided to estrange themselves from their village and its nature," he Youth of Arsal statement read.

"Such people have no relation to Islam," it stated, calling on the Lebanese Army "to enter their village and put an end to the chaos within."

"Arsal believes in coexistence," the letter added.

As soon as the news of the killing emerged, the Bazzal family blocked several roads in northeast Lebanon, The Daily Star reported. According to the Lebanese daily, the Lebanese Army had carried out a widespread deployment in the Bekaa Valley Friday, in anticipation of potential security incidents less than an hour after the announcement.

Following a meeting with Public Health Minister, Wael Abu Faour, Saturday evening, families of the abducted soldiers re-opened the roads to Saifi, Beirut Port and Annahar Newspaper Building after cutting them off for several hours earlier during the day, NNA correspondent reported.

The families returned to their sit-in tents at Riad el-Solh Square, where they are currently discussing their upcoming moves.
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