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Nasrallah says Michel Aoun Hezbollah's main candidate

BEIRUT | / NNA - November 04, 2014, 11h55
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced on Monday that MP Michel Aoun, the Change and Reform bloc head, is the party's main candidate for the presidency.
Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah announced on Monday that MP Michel Aoun, the Change and Reform bloc head, is the party's main candidate for the presidency.

Hassan Nasrallah appeared in person during the commemoration of the last night of Ashura at Rwaiss complex.

He said that no party wanted to leave the presidential post void.

"We want a president at Baabda Palace as soon as possible," he exclaimed.

Nasrallah urged the Lebanese political forces to bring back the presidency dossier from the regional forces.

"Syria said that it would opt for the candidate its allies in Lebanon support," Nasrallah made clear, affirming that Iran has stated that the presidency was an internal dossier in which it will not intervene.

He denied all allegations that the presidency dossier was, in any way, linked with Iran's nuclear dossier.

On the topic of the parliamentary term extension, Nasrallah said his party notified other parties its willingness to cooperate whether for the extension or for holding the elections.

"We are not at all ready to let anyone take the country to void. We have reached a delicate point where we have to assist Speaker Berri to extract the country from such a big trouble," he said.

And, to the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government, Nasrallah said "if you are waiting for regional changes then you shall wait long. Political dialogue ought to be with the normal candidate our political party nominates," he remarked.

On the clashes of Tripoli and North Lebanon, Nasrallah lauded the sacrifices and efforts of the Lebanese Army.

"The army and the security forces are Lebanon's true guarantee and the Army has proven to be capable to bear responsibility when it has material potentials," he said.

Also on Tripoli, Nasrallah noted that "the position of the people of North Lebanon, particularly the political and religious dignitaries of the Sunni community" has allowed Lebanon to overcome "the great catastrophe."

He also valued the position of the parliamentary bloc and leaders of the Future regarding the latest developments, "despite all the differences between us."

"We are ready to hold dialogue with the Future Movement," he said.

Nasrallah went on to say that the plot that was being prepared against Tripoli and North Lebanon has become clear.

"We are in favor of any kind of support offered to the Lebanese army, and in this context, we recall that Iran has proposed an unconditional donation," he said.

Reiterating its solidarity with the families of soldiers kidnapped by terrorist groups in Arsal, Nasrallah has called on them to support the government more and having more patience.

"The State and the government are the only party that is both capable and concerned in handling this case," he said.

Hezbollah Secretary General has finally tackled the regional destabilization and pointed out that the entire issue has never been about a Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict.

Giving examples to support his saying, Nasrallah made clear that the conflict between the Al-Nusra Front in Syria with other armed groups -- one that targeted Iraqi Christians who were victims of genocide, or the attacks against minority groups in the region, was not in the context of a conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, "but it was a political battle par excellence."

Addressing the Shiite audience, Nasrallah said that the fight was against "takfirists who want, similarly to Israel, to crush everyone. Our battle is not against the Sunni community (...) Takfirism is not strictly the enemy of Shiites, but of anyone who opposes it [takfirism].
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