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Rifi: We shall confront Hezbollah

BEIRUT |, with agencies - October 26, 2014, 16h20
"Current developments in Tripoli are no war on Sunnis," Lebanese minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi, stated in response to extremist voices in the north today.
Having categorically rejected such sectarian utterances, the general reiterated Tripoli's only option of statehood contending that Sunnis constantly championed notions of Lebanese statehood and confessional peaceful coexistence.

Clashes were continuing in Tripoli on Sunday between the Lebanese army and islamist groups.

The fighting broke out on Friday evening when gunmen attacked an army patrol in the Khan al-Askar area.

As he cited Rafik Hariri and a number of fallen Sunnis in pursuit of statehood, Rifi added that he would not engage a Hezbollah's statelet bent on igniting a confessional war here in Lebanon and elsewhere in the region.

"We've so far confronted Hezbollah and will continue to do so since this party strives to concoct a showdown with the military," he retorted.

Rifi went on to say that March 14 shall never credit Hezbollah with importing the Syrian strife into Lebanon.

Despite our hunch that certain pro Hezbollah's take cover behind state institutions, they strive incessantly to foment strife but we'll never let them lure us by sticking to sectarian coexistence and Hariri's project as he said.

"Your clear message to all, is that we shall remain the bastion of statehood in the face of a Statelet bent on undermining state institutions," he charged.

"As Tripoli overcame scores of dubious flare-ups exacted on it for being independent, we shall persist in our confrontation till legitimacy is fully restored and our folks are fairly protected," Gen. Rifi concluded.
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