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Nicolas Fattouche: I didn’t hit her

BEIRUT |, with agencies - October 23, 2014, 18h33
Photo from Nicolas Fattouche's Facebook page.
MP Nicolas Fattouche shocked Lebanon this week with his alleged attack on judicial worker Manal Daou. Now he’s denying the attack and claims it was all a set-up.
At a press conference on Thursday member of Parliament, Nicolas Fattouche, denied attacking judicial worker Manal Daou and revealed the real reason he was in the Baabda Judicial Palace on Monday.

According to the Daily Star, Fattoush said he was in the judicial palace on Monday in order to file a lawsuit against tourism minister Michel Pharaon, on behalf of his wife who was accusing him of adultery. In the press conference he showed a picture of Pharaon with a woman alleged to be his mistress.

According to sources from the Baabda Judicial Palace, where the incident took place, Fattouche attacked Manal Daou after she told him he would need to wait in line before she processed his file.

“The legal case I submitted was on behalf of Mrs. Mouna Pharaon, and it was a lawsuit against Minister Michel Pharaon and his girlfriend ... over an adultery offense,” Fattouche said. According to the minister, this was the third lawsuit he had had dealt with by this particular employee and when he entered the office, there were no other lawyers waiting in line. As such he found it disrespectful to be told to wait in line.

“I told her, 'I am the member of Parliament, the minister, the lawyer,'” but she insisted that he needed to wait. After a short verbal argument Daou apparently “threw the file” back at him and dared him to register a complaint against her.

Fattouche vehemently denies hitting Daou, insisting that he would “never attack a woman,” and that the people of Zahle are famous for their dignity, manhood and heroism.

According to the National News Agency, Fattouche also described the incident as a premeditated attempt to defame him, accusing those who had “orchestrated” the row as targeting his draft parliamentary extension law.

He also criticised Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi’s response to the incident. Rifi said earlier that his ministry was following up on the case and called for legal measures to be taken against Fattouche.

"Rifi is supposed to summon people to his office and not violate the law by going to the Justice Palace. He should have summoned Daou and listened to her testimony," Fattouche said.

"I handled Daou as an employee and not as a woman. I really hope that women do set themselves apart from this issue and not employ this matter as a political ploy," he added.
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