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Municipalities Symposium: current population density concerning

BEIRUT | / NNA - October 18, 2014, 12h05
Ministers Rashid Derbas and Nuhad Mashnouq discuss problem of increasing Lebanese population density caused by influx Syrian refugees in Municipalities Symposium.
In a Municipalities Symposium on Friday night, Social Affairs Minister, Rashid Derbas sounded the alarm about the current population density in Lebanon. Currently, in Lebanon, there are 540 people per square kilometre. According to the minister this rate is ‘very serious’.

The symposium was organised by the Kataeb party at the Conference’s palace with the headline ‘Municipalities-Guarantee for stability.’

The rise in population rate is due to the influx of Syrian refugees since the start of the crisis in that country in 2011. Current estimates say that there are around 1 million Syrians currently living in Lebanon, this number has a huge impact in a country with a population of 4 million people. In his speech at the symposium, minister of the Interior and Municipalities, Nuhad Mashnouq said one third of the current Lebanese population are displaced Syrians.

According to the minister, this high rate leads to concerns about security and as a result internal and general security are providing round the clock observation.

However, Mashnouq reaffirmed the municipalities’ ability to reinforce preventative security with municipal police and guards able to carry out missions in their respective towns.

He rejected in his speech any promotion of self-security measures, saying that such an act is tantamount to the abrogation of the State’s sovereignty and the dignity of security and military institutions.

Since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011 and the subsequent arrival of refugees to the country, internal security has become an increasingly important issue and authorities are taking it more seriously. Yesterday, a resident of a village in the Metn region reported being stopped by municipal police after dark and told it was not safe to walk because of Syrian refugees. According to the resident, it was the first instance of this happening and it shows how the psychological tension is worsening.
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