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Syria-based gunmen kill 3 Hezbollah members in East Lebanon

BEIRUT |, with agencies - October 06, 2014, 09h03
Photo from the Facebook page of Brital village:
Severe clashes took place in East Lebanon on Sunday afternoon, following an attack by a group of armed militants against a Hezbollah checkpoint in the outskirts of Britel. Three Hezbollah members were killed in the fighting.
Several Syria-based gunmen were wounded in the clashes, the National News Agency reported following the incident.

While quoting a Hezbollah member, the AFP agency however announced that some members of the Party of God were also killed during the fight.

It was not clear whether the fighting took place on the Syrian or on the Lebanese side of the border.

While quoting the same source, the AFP reported that the fight took place on the Syrian side of the border (this map shows the location of Britel. Source:

But another source inside Hezbollah told the French agency that the clashes happened in Lebanon, not in Syria.

According to several Lebanese media, the clashes left three dead among Hezbollah members as well as twenty wounded.

The Daily Star also reported that at least 14 Syrian-based militants were killed in the fierce fighting that took place in the border area in East Lebanon. It confirmed the death of three Hezbollah members. While quoting security sources, the Lebanese daily said that militant groups attacked Sunday two Hezbollah posts on the Syrian side of the border near the eastern Lebanon villages of Brital and Nahleh, killing three of its members and wounding a number of others.

The sources told The Daily Star that members of ISIS and the Nusra Front carried out the attacks, leading to clashes between the jihadists and Hezbollah. Fourteen militants were killed in the clashes, the sources said, and several others were wounded.

Hezbollah captured five militants, the sources added.
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