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Hariri calls on Arsal and the army to confront terrorism

BEIRUT | - September 20, 2014, 08h47
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri contacted today Army Commander General Jean Kahwagi and discussed with him the developments on the security level and the attack against the Lebanese army in Arsal that killed two soldiers and injured four others.
Hariri condemned the attack that aimed at implicating Arsal and its people and hindering the ongoing efforts to release those held by the terrorist groups.

He said: “We renew our support to the Lebanese army and it Command in the tasks entrusted on them, to protect the borders from the infiltration of terrorists and any groups working on inciting discord. We also salute the souls of the martyrs who are defending Lebanon, its sovereignty, and the coexistence among the Lebanese.”

Hariri added: “The Town of Arsal, known for its national commitment and its sacrifices for the sake of establishing a just and capable State, should express today, more than ever, its complete solidarity with the army and reject all voices saying otherwise, that are harming Arsal, its people and history just as they are harming the State, its role and army.”

He said: “I call on my people in the patient and forbearing Arsal to rise against everyone seeking to endanger the town's safety and dignity or open the doors to terrorists whose only goal is to weaken the State and imperil the trust between the Army and its citizens.”

Hariri concluded: “The last trap set for the army, and which carries clear terrorist finger prints, will not diminish our confidence in the national military institution. It is an additional incentive to call on the army to fight terrorism and its tools with all available means and make the accurate investigations that would lead to arresting the criminal killers, holding them accountable, and protecting Arsal and its people from the schemes of the forces of extremism and delusion.”
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