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John Kerry in Paris to attend security summit

BEIRUT |, with agencies - September 14, 2014, 08h59
John Kerry has arrived in Paris on Saturday following his tour in the Middle East.
Last week, the US Secretary of State visited several Arab country to try and build an international coalition against Islamic State. He was trying to convince several Arab leaders to take part in this military coalition, according to a plan revealed by US President Barack Obama on Wednesday.

Ten Arab states have accepted to join the coalition that now includes 40 countries.

France is to host a regional security summit on Monday. Diplomats from up to 20 countries will take part in this conference. The US refused to let Iran attend the event, due to Tehran’s support to the Syrian regime.

Since August 8, US air strikes have been targeting IS presence in Iraq. The US sent hundreds of military adviser to support Iraqi government and Kurdish forces.

On Wednesday, Barack Obama said US air strikes would also target IS in Syria. Damascus answered that any unilateral military action on Syrian territory would be a violation of its sovereignty, while stating that any decision of this kind would need a UN Security Council resolution.

For the last three years, any UN decision that could lead to an international intervention in Syria was blocked by a veto from Russia, a Syrian ally.
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