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The US have sped up the delivery of weapons to the Lebanese army

BEIRUT | / NNA - September 13, 2014, 10h54
The American Ambassador David Hale announced Friday that the United States had, in recent weeks, accelerated providing military aid to the Lebanese army.
The aid delivered by the United States shall include Hellfire missiles, delivered this week. These anti-tank laser-guided missiles can be used by helicopters and drones, against all types of vehicles as well as buildings.

These missiles were "paid for by the American people," said David Hale, speaking after his meeting with Lebanese Prime minister, Tammam Salam, at the Grand Serail Friday.

Discussions focused on the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, as well as arming the army and the Lebanese security forces. Lebanon is under pressure at its northern border from Islamists of the Islamic state and the al Nosra front who captured Lebanese soldiers during violent clashes this summer. Two of the soldier hostages have been executed. In return for the release of the remaining hostages the kidnappers demand the release of prisoners from their ranks held in the Lebanese Roumieh prison.

"These deliveries, paid for by the American people, will help the army secure Lebanon’s borders and defeat extremist groups," the American ambassador said.

The diplomat also said his country would supply the military with light aircraft for air support, including a Cessna armed airplane, this time funded by Saudi Arabia. The kingdom will also finance arms for a Cessna aircraft already in the possession of the Lebanese army. In early August, Saudi Arabia pledged a donation of one billion dollars to finance the arming of the Lebanese army.

Last December, King Abdullah also announced that Saudi would finance the Lebanese army’s procurement of arms, this time from France, to the tune of $ 3 billion. The delivery has not yet taken place.
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