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Jumblatt wants new regional system including Turkey, Iran to face terrorism

BEIRUT | / NNA - September 08, 2014, 18h05
Progressive Socialist Party leader, MP Walid Jumblatt, on Monday said it was time for the Arab League to widen its scope of work and include Turkey and Iran in a new-fangled regional system to combat rampant terrorism, considering that the Arab world alone cannot do so.
"With the tides of violence, killing and criminality invading the Arab region, and with the headway of the political and on-the-ground developments in a dramatic way which leads to the gradual disappearance of the geographical borders among countries (...), and with the uphill of hard-line and extremist groups practicing the most atrocious forms of terrorism, it is clear that the old Arab system is progressively crumbling," Jumblatt remarked, in his weekly editorial to the party's al-Anbaa electronic news site.

"Therefore, new political ideas must be mulled to exit this deadlock that is menacing the Arab nationalist security in an unprecedented way, from the civil war in Syria, to Iraq wars, Libya, Yemen, and ISIS epidemic," he said.

"The Arab world cannot alone face terrorism. It is time to reconsider the concept of the Arab League," he went on to say, suggesting the formation of a new regional system with the participation of Turkey and Iran to face rampant terrorism, to preserve frontiers, and to mould political regimes that meet that ambitions of the ethnical and sectarian pluralities.

Touting this idea, Jumblatt said such a step would underpin a new stage during which the Arab League, alongside the regional linchpins, would be able to make a change in the headway of the current events in the region.

As to the plan US President Barack Obama will be announcing on Wednesday to face ISIS, Jumblatt showed no appetite for ruling Iran out of the international efforts in that respect. "Casting Iran away in advance is meaningless and it will delay positive results in the war on terrorism," he concluded.
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