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Iranian Foreign Minister in Beirut for a 2-day visit

BEIRUT | / NNA - January 13, 2014, 11h50
Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, disclosed Sunday that an Iranian judicial delegation will be visiting Beirut soon, in order to discuss details of the two suicide attacks which targeted the Iranian Embassy in Bir Hassan.
Mohammad Javad Zarif began Sunday an official visit to Lebanon, whereby he arrived shortly at Beirut International Airport heading an Iranian delegation. His visit comes within the framework of a regional tour, which shall also include Damascus, Amman and Baghdad.

During his 2-day stay in Beirut, Zarif is scheduled to meet with a number of officials to discuss current prevailing conditions in Lebanon and the region, especially in light of the Syrian situation. Bilateral Lebanese-Iranian relations shall also highlight said discussions.

The Iranian Minister and official delegation were greeted upon arrival at Rafic Hariri International Airport by Iranian Ambassador to Beirut, Ghadanfar Rukn Abadi, and senior Iranian Embassy Staff, as well as Lebanese Foreign Affairs Ministry representatives.

In a statement upon arrival at Rafic Hariri International Airport shortly, Zarif praised the Lebanese government's "great achievement in arresting the main terrorist behind said explosion in record time."

"We cannot but express sincere gratitude for the relentless and diligent efforts exerted by the Lebanese government in this regard," Zarif noted.

Over his expected talks with Lebanese officials during his visit to Beirut, Zarif said that, "We aspire through these meetings to promote good bilateral relations between both countries."

"The relation with the Lebanese people and government occupies major importance in Iran's foreign policy, primarily due to Lebanon's heroic resistance against the Zionist enemy and secondly, because we rely on the significance of Lebanon in this region," added Zarif.
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