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Hariri: "Hezbollah became a spearhead of a crime carried out by the regime against its people"

BEIRUT | - May 20, 2013, 17h47
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday issued the following statement: "National and constitutional responsibility requires us to make every effort to reach an electoral law that guarantees holding the parliamentary elections on time and saves the country from falling into a vacuum."
"The efforts exerted in this regard must continue, to achieve the desired goal. But where is the national, constitutional and moral responsibility towards the crime committed by an essential Lebanese political faction through its involvement in the Syrian internal war and its persistence to drag Lebanon into a bloody war against the Syrian people? This faction is sending hundreds of Lebanese to fight alongside the regime forces and participate in invading Syrian villages and towns, in operations as repugnant as the Israeli invasions of villages in South Lebanon and the invasion by the Syrian regime forces of Lebanon in the seventies."

"Hezbollah has chosen to clone the Israeli crimes against Lebanon and its people and apply them to the inhabitants of the Syrian city of Qusair and the villages of Reef Homs. The party became a spearhead of a crime carried out by the regime against its people, but also what can be described as the Iranian defense army of Bashar Assad’s regime, that has the ability to mobilize forces, heavy weaponry, military equipment, reinforcements and other requirements of the killing machine. The party is crossing the Lebanese borders to the Syrian inside without batting an eyelid, as if these borders were the private property of Hezbollah and its leaders, or as if they were an Iranian property which Iran decided to grant to Hezbollah’s men and Bashar Assad’s battalions."

"The peak of the tragedy in the crime committed by Hezbollah is the fact that no one in the Lebanese state considers himself responsible of these borders or of the daily breaches or the hundreds of armed men who decided to capture the state and its decision and act as if the Lebanese people did not exist and can be reduced to Hezbollah just because Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave an order to do so."

"We had already warned against the dangers of Hezbollah’s insistence to involve Lebanon in the Syrian fire, and we rejected and denounced the bombing of Hermel and considered it unacceptable. But the leaders of Hezbollah take lightly the Syrian blood and find nothing wrong in participating in the massacres against the city of Qusair. They can carry on their conscience the blood of hundreds or tens of fighters whom they call elite fighters, and accept the rockets which Hezbollah seems to want to see falling on Hermel and the surroundings to justify their fighting against Qusair and its people."

"The question which is supposed to haunt those looking for an absent state is: Where does the President of the Republic stand regarding all this? What about the caretaker government and its president? And the Speaker, the Parliament, the Parliamentary blocs, the Army command and the other security services? Is there a decision, unknown by the Lebanese people, to handover the State and its security, military and constitutional institutions to Hezbollah? Is there a recognition by the state and its institution that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is above the state and its institutions, and that he alone has the peremptory right in the fateful affairs and the exclusive right to wage wars in any direction he or Iran chooses?"

"Hezbollah’s war in Qusair and in the Syrian inside in general is a decision to cancel the Lebanese state or at best, an explicit declaration by the party that this state is just an uncontrolled land, where power belongs to those who can intimidate with their weapons. This is the bitter truth no matter how much they try to beautify it, and they want to take the parliamentary elections a pretext to seize the remnants of the state and its institutions. "

"We are looking, with all honesty and responsibility, for an opportunity to hold the elections, while Hezbollah is looking for all ways that lead Lebanon to the abyss. Is there an uglier abyss than being led into the fire suffered by the oppressed Syrian people?"

"The situation has become too dangerous to tolerate silence or hiding behind ambiguous stances. It requires practical actions by the concerned authorities in the state including the Presidency of the Republic, the government and the military institution, to put an end to the ridiculous situation where the state seems to be an employee of Hezbollah and its regional sponsors. We, on our part, will react on the political and non-political levels to preserve Lebanon’s dignity and end the projects aiming to hand Lebanon over to Hezbollah and the axes of discord in the region."
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