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Hariri condemns "Hezbollah’s criminal involvement" in Syria, rejects calls for sectarian mobilization

BEIRUT | - April 24, 2013, 09h01
In a statement on Tuesday, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri rejected Hezbollah's involvement in Syria, as well as "any counter step such as the calls for counter jihad or sectarian mobilization, whether it came from Sidon, Tripoli or anywhere else in Lebanon". Saad Hariri's words came in reference to the fatwa issued on Monday by Sheikh Ahmad Al Assir, calling for the establishment of the "Free resistance brigades" to fight in Syria.
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that the actions of Hezbollah in Syria constitute a real crime against Lebanon and the Lebanese as much as they are a crime against Syria and its people, calling on the Lebanese to refuse getting involved in them. Hariri expressed at the same time his
rejection of any counter calls from Lebanon to fight in Syria, warning that such calls achieve Bashar al-Assad's announced goal to throw Lebanon and other Arab countries in the midst of the Syrian fire.

Hariri said in a statement today: "The involvement of Hezbollah in the fight in Syria is an engagement in the defense of the Syrian regime, despite the sectarian and factional pretexts given by the party to justify
this crime that is dragging Lebanon into a fire which Bashar al-Assad had announced that he shall spread in the region."

Premier Hariri asked: “Who tasked Hezbollah with defending a group of Lebanese in Syria, if this is its argument sometimes? Who tasked Hezbollah with defending a group of Syrians, if this is its argument at other times?” He added: "The crime of dragging Lebanon and the Lebanese into the Game of
Death that the Syrian regime wants proves once again the real function of Hezbollah’s weapons in Lebanon and Syria, and demonstrates, through victims, destruction and blood, where the decision of using weapons lies and what are its real objectives”.
He added: “What makes the crime of pushing young Lebanese to die by dozens on the Syrian soil in defense of a criminal regime, even more horrific and grave, is the fact that it is a part of a larger crime, which is to drag Lebanon into a bloody and regional conflict that no Lebanese, and especially the people of Hezbollah, can or wants to engage in.”

Hariri said: "I call on all Lebanese to express by all peaceful means their refusal to participate in such a crime, and I announce my total rejection of any counter step such as the calls for counter jihad or sectarian mobilization, whether it came from Sidon, Tripoli or anywhere else in Lebanon.

All the Lebanese know that such calls only meet Hezbollah halfway in its crime path and would provide justification for its behavior, which makes them intentional or unintentional contributions in pushing Lebanon into a war that Bashar al-Assad personally wants for Lebanon, in his desperate attempt to stop the course of history and save his regime from a people who revolted against injustice, murder and slavery, and will not stop until it achieves victory."

Hariri concluded: "All the Lebanese are invited to confront the madness that some want Lebanon to engage in and fall into a discord whose perpetrators will be cursed by history."

On the other hand, the former Prime Minister condemned the abduction of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo Boulos Yazigi and the Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo Yuhanna Ibrahim, near the city of Aleppo yesterday. He considered that such terrorist methods benefit the enemies of the uprising of the Syrian people and its struggle to achieve freedom and democracy.

He said: “This incident, which we strongly condemn, contradicts the most basic humanitarian and moral values, and the principles on which the Syrian uprising was launched, as well as the bases of coexistence among the various components of the Syrian people.”
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