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First day of Parliamentary consultations: Most of the blocs named Tamam Salam for premiership

BEIRUT | / NNA - April 05, 2013, 22h48
Lebanese President Michel Sleiman met with outgoing Premier Najib Mikati on Friday. - Photo: National News Agency
Lebanese President Michel Sleiman, winded up on Friday evening the first day of binding parliamentary consultations to elect a Prime Minister to form a new cabinet. Most of the blocs named MP Tamam Salam  for premiership, however, the final result will be declared following the second day of consultations that are set to take place tomorrow, at Baabda Presidential Palace.
Outgoing Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, named Tamam Salam for new PM, and hoped that a "positive shock" would soon be on the way.

Mikati, following a meeting with President Michel Sleiman as part of the parliamentary deliberations, asserted that democracy was an integral part of political life.

"We must realize that we are at a short distance from parliamentary elections, and we hope for a change in political blood."

Deputy Speaker, Farid Makari, also named Tamam Salam for the premiership.

Makari hoped that Salam would be able to form a cabinet capable of holding successful parliamentary elections. "Tamam Salam is one of March 14," he said.

Deputy Anwar Khalil, speaking in the name of the Liberation and Development Bloc, said that the bloc named Tamam Salam.
Head of Future Parliamentary Bloc, Fouad Siniora, also said that his bloc has named Tammam Salam for the premiership.

Siniora asserted that in light of current circumstances a new cabinet that the Lebanese can trust must be formed.

Said cabinet must "work on holding elections and deal with the vast number of political and security problems, and reinstate respect for the state as well as restore credibility to Lebanese-Arab relations, and work with the President on resuming national dialogue."

MP Mohammad Raad said the Loyalty to Resistance Bloc named Tammam Salam as premier-designate, as "we wanted to confirm our openness to any path that might lead us to local stability and understanding."

In turn, Change and Reform bloc MP, Ibrahim Kanaan, said that his bloc has named MP Tammam Salam to form a new cabinet.

In the wake of a meeting with Lebanese President, Michel Sleiman, the lawmaker indicated that naming Salam was an opportunity to attain national unity.

"As for the vote of confidence to be given by our bloc to the imminent cabinet, we still await its formation to declare our position," said Kanaan.

National Struggle Front leader, Walid Jumblatt, said in the wake of Baabda parliamentary consultations that his bloc has named MP Tammam Salam for premiership.

Jumblatt also seized the occasion to express profound appreciation for Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati's endeavors to anchor "stability and consensus" in Lebanon.
MPs Nayla Tweini and Michel al Murr said that they had nominated MP Tammam Salam for premiership.

"The nomination of Salam is based on his long history at Makassed association and within the educational and political fields," al Murr said.

He went on to tout a national unity cabinet, hoping that nobody would hinder its formation.
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